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Reblogging because this actually is a thing that should concern more people. 

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Republicans watching gay pride parade

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I will always admire the way Hispanics hustle for their money, wether it’s by waiting outside 7-11 stores to get hired for a construction job, selling roses on the traffic light or selling tamales y elotes. They just never ASK for money, they EARN it in the most humble and honest way and that’s something I will always look up to.

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Strange Music fans be talking about Kutt Calhoun being typical mainstream shit despite Kutt being able to switch flows, have technical skills, storytell in an appeal-able manner, and have a “mainstream” type of appeal to the masses while still having talent.

And so good riddance, despite being in the label since the beginning while all of them screamed out about Strange being so god damn fantastic….

BUT will support Stevie Stone, who has hardly any technical displays, uninteresting lyrics and flow,  and the epitome of mainstream sounds in production, with the only reason to be captivated by his music is his rap voice and bis ability he does to sing, which is more due to his voice than his actual singing skills

Also Kutt had the slowest progression in album sales compared to any other label-mates, with the only exceptions being Prozak’s terribly promoted album We All Fall Down and Krizz Kaliko’s Son of Sam, which was also terribly promoted, and Brotha Lynch Hung, who essentially stagnated more due to his creative direction with his trilogy concept albums than anything else. While Kutt had the same promo he didn’t get shit, and while fans talk about why Kutt hadn’t toured with Tech as often, they don’t go to his solo shows, so what the hell did you expect?

Sometimes I hate Strange being my favorite hip hop record label. The fans are so fucking full of it.

The homie Kutt Calhoun left Strange Music 

How we gonna have the trio of Tech Krizz and Kutt perform on stage now :(

I’mma just say the fans are wack for not supporting him. Dude’s been underselling everyone on the label despite being an OG of Strange. Ya’ll caused this v_v

How sick would a Janelle Monae and Del the Funky Homosapien collab be?

On some Cindy Mayweather meets Deltron Zero type shit. That’d be fire.




im so disgusted

what the fuck? i just lost all my respect for her

what respect

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