Does O’Reilly believe this or is he just a lying ass hole?

Remember when we called Bin Laden a freedom fighter? The Contras? Chemical weapons given to Iraq to use against Iran? Our undying support for Israel despite their continuous breaking of international laws? Out support for the apartheid system in South Africa? Overthrowing countless governments in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, etc for the sake of financial and geopolitical gain, with the inevitable support we’d give to ruthless dictators?

If he wants to talk about our great international achievements, he could have cited some examples. This guy should be ashamed of himself.

Judge: Have Sex With Me or I’ll Frame You and Ruin Your Life

Cenk’s coverage on Syria is so ridiculously short-sided and limited in scope. smh

The fact Cenk Uygur is getting attention because his rant regarding the fashion industry is so ridiculous

First and foremost I have to say the fact THIS story is getting so much attention from people shows the ridiculous culture of society that has their head so stuck up their ass in the fashion industry that when the host of a predominately political internet show mentions something that honestly shouldn’t be an issue at ALL will it be noticed. People give so much more of a fuck what someone said about a model, who apparently isn’t  allowed to be subjected to being criticized based on their appearance when they are on a fuckin fashion magazine, than things that actually matter (which TYT does quite a bit of coverage of). 

Cenk CLEARLY clarified that the context of which that particular shoot is what made the model looked disgusting and whatever else he said. And he obviously has great respect that she’s a hardworking individual. The point he was making, which wasn’t even remotely close to “thin-shaming”  was meant to criticize the image of what is supposed to be attractive always being portrayed as being skinny. Ironically all these people who keep telling people to love their bodies and all that shit get mad when Cenk is criticizing the very issue that the fashion industry are pushing those standards for how you need to look like. 

The only possible criticism that can be given is the clear observation that Cenk’s own tastes seeped through in his rant and his follow-up response. But hey, we’re all human, we have our views and perceptions. Get the hell over it. I’ll end my rant on that note, which probably isn’t a good one. Message me about my privilege or whatever the fuck else that  is brainwashing my views. 


Does UConn’s new logo promote rape?

A student at the University of Connecticut wrote an open letter to the school saying the new Husky Dog logo the school introduced earlier this month shows that the school prioritizes athletics and consumerism over addressing actual issues. Carolyn Luby listed several incidents of athletes being in trouble with the law (including domestic violence and disorderly conduct) and then writes:

These are serious marks against both our athletic program and our university as a whole — marks that, other than a decision made by Coach Kevin Ollie to suspend Wolf indefinitely, have gone unaddressed, unmentioned, and unacknowledged by UConn authorities. What does this timeline say when juxtaposed with your justification? It beckons the question, what does UConn do with marks like these? The answer appears to be: we turn them blue and shape them into something new.

Instead of giving these problematic aspects of male athletic peer culture at UConn a second look or a giving the real face of athletics a true makeover, it appears that the focus of your administration is prioritizing the remodeling of the fictional face of the Husky Logo. Instead of communicating a zero tolerance atmosphere for this kind of behavior, increasing or vocalizing support to violence against women prevention efforts on campus in the face of such events, or increasing support to student run programs that seek to work with athletes on issues of violence as well as academic issues, it would appear that your administration is more interested in fostering consumerism and corporatization than education and community.

Some have also pointed out that the new logo bears a striking resemblance to Insanity Wolf, a meme that jokes about rape and other problematic topics.

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss whether the new logo promotes rape.


Some fuckin’ feminists just WANT to make their cause look stupid. No I’m not saying feminists suck I’m saying these type of people need to calm their shit because they aren’t helping anyone. Go get mad about something that is worth the time. Like Ana said in the video, “You need to pick your battles.” 

Republican lawmaker proposes a tax on “bicycle pollution.” 

So much I need to say to express how dumb and hypocritical this is.

But instead, I’ll mention that this guy says that the respiration caused by riding bikes causes a large amount of CO2 pollution that needs to be addressed….

The Cenk Uyger interview on Alex Jones’ show is actually a really good conversation. Even though I have massive disagreements with Jones.

Edit: Jones’ aftermath talk was annoying as hell. Cenk wasn’t ‘making excuses’ for anyone and he never talked about how the government ‘loves us’. I lose respect for media figures who make claims about another person’s views right after they left the show.

Secularists - We believe in laws n’ shit. — Cenk Uyger

Chevy Chase causing a ruckus on the Community set

Cenk needs to stop talking though, Community is an amazing show.

Chase isn’t in the wrong here, and this better not be something really screwing over why Season 4 isn’t out yet

So many events in the past decade have been determined by morons — Wes Clark Jr. 

I’d highly suggest people watch this. I would post up articles instead but I know reading is too much effort